“A vitamin is a substance that makes you ill if you don’t eat it.”

     Albert Von Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

It’s important that nutrients are derived from food first; however, there are many reasons why supplements could be needed. Nutritional supplements are available everywhere, and it’s difficult to know if supplements actually contain what is on the label and if the contents are pure/safe. When you order through Wellevate and Metagenics, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality supplements. I am happy to assist you in determining what supplements are right for you.

Disclosure: Restore to Flourish receives compensation for any orders placed with Wellevate or Metagenics.

SCD Legal Supplements


Klaire Labs MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula (Iron-Free)

Klaire Labs Vitaspectrum Multivitamin/Mineral Powder and Capsules

Pure Encapsulations Junior Nutrients

Vitamin B Complex

Klaire Labs Active B Complex

Pure Encapsulations B Complex Plus

Calcium with Vitamin D

Pure Encapsulations Calcium with D3


Klaire Labs Lactoprime Plus